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The apocalyptic dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. Survive the brutal combat and the horrors of a doomed world. Can you become legendary heroes powerful enough to quest against the soul gates and change the fate of the realm? Find it soon on DrivethruRPG!  


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Chaos 6010 A.D.

Pray for Dawn

Demon Gate

You and your crew run missions in a cyberpunk dystopian future set in the year 6010 A.D.
You awaken on a pile of dead bodies without your memory or gear and the only place to find shelter is an old ghost town.
This apocalyptic dark fantasy RPG is soon to be released in the upcoming months.

Upcoming Products

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Coast of Thrall

The first adventure module for the dark fantasy RPG Demon Gate. The module places the players on a ship traveling the ravaged waters of the Sea of Spears. The ship is transporting a mysterious murderer to the city of Soulbade where he is to be executed for his heinous crimes. But when crew members start to turn up missing in the night, who is to blame? This module is meant for lower level characters in the Demon Gate setting yet it may be adapted for use in other fantasy RPGs as well.
The Tortured South

In the lands south of the Aticraulian Empire there are vast jungles called the Crow Wilderness. It is a savage land filled with deadly traps, and dark orc tribes that hunt for mortal flesh and worship giant lizard gods of old. The jaded southern country of Icobor is home to some of the most powerful thieves' guilds in all the realms and in a constant web of deceipt and intrigue to control the trade of the Spice Road. Feared and respected are the assassins in the desert lands of Vazuun Denaahl where some of the most feared mortals train to enhance technology and bring about the downfall of the gods and religion. This is an expansion to the maps of the world and more lands to explore for endless hours of gaming. 
After the Flesh

This sourcebook is a map of the alternate planes of Koth. As well as rules for playing the Afterlife Campaigns. Maps of Hell, Heaven, and Purgatory, as well as all the 12 realms of the Tree of Zaghos. This book contains all you need to adventure in the realms of the beyond, and learn more about the gods and what awaits in the realm of the dead. 
Demon Hunter's Guide

This sourcebook is filled with demons and monsters to use in your campaigns. As well as more weapons and abilities for the players to gain access to in their adventures. Learn what parts are good for eating, cutting off and crafting items with, or selling to the town alchemist for coin. As well there are tables within these pages for creating your own demons and monsters!