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DG character packet print version

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Demon Gate

The Setting

This dark fantasy RPG takes place in a forgotten world that has been tortured over thousands of years with armageddon. Demons once banished here long ago, ruled the planet and used ancient magical gates left there by a long forgotten race they call the Void Gods. The demons used these gates to enslave the races from the surrounding worlds and use them to mine the powerful metals of the world.

Now you must survive in this world of endless war, where true heroes are hard to find. It matters not if you are a villain or a hero for you all must work together or your entire world will be consumed by the Black Plane and the hordes of Hell.

Character Crafting

With a great deal of open customization you can forge almost any type of character you wish. With many different races to choose from you will find that many struggle through the realms together and dwell within the same cities having all once been slaves to the demon gods. You can adventure alone or join a party to explore the open realms of this strange world filled with ancient, alien, ruins and horrors from the darkness of the Void Worlds. Quest for Legend Points, riches, and Reputation Points to become legendary heroes, feared villains, angels, djinn, and even demons. Once you are powerful enough, perhaps even you may quest to change the prophesy and close the Soul Gates forever.

The Dice & Mechanics System

Demon Gate uses the Chaos System. A dice system of our own creation that uses all of the polyhedral dice that you can buy in the small tubes. Your d20 is your primary attack and defense die. That is right, you roll a resisted die roll for your defense! Just as there are critical hits, there are critical defenses as well that allow you a quick riposte or attack back at the target that attacked you. The rest of the dice are used during damage, skill checks, or attribute checks. There are seven primary attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Body, Perception, Intelligence, Willpower, and Charisma). This game uses a dice step system and all character skills are tied to attributes, thus raising certain attributes also may raise skills as well, even though you may spend points to raise skills individually if you wish. If you wish to learn more, you might have to buy the book my friend! 

The kickstarter is coming soon, please help to fund the game and make it happen! We will post more on the home page for a release date, or you can sign up for a newsletter. Thanks so much and good gaming!